Data is the Most Valuable Asset of Current Era. Security is essential. With the tightest security network backed with our highly knowledgeable IT strategists and planners, nothing is impossible.

Cyber Transformation
We ensure to Transform Security Program and drive business performance through Implementation of Integrated Information/Cyber security and Risk Management across enterprise. BG offers:
– Security Program Assessment
– Strategy and Road-map
– Risk Assessment
– Bench-marking against international cyber security standards
– Cyber economics services
– Third party risk assessment
– Cyber awareness and training program

Threat Management
Identified and evaluated internal and external threats with Consistent and reliable response to cyber incidents results in taking proactive measures and mitigate threats. BG Offers:
– Vulnerability Management
– Red / Blue Teaming Exercises
– Security Operations Center Assessment
– Incident response and investigation
– Digital Forensics
– Security reporting and metrics

Identity and Access Management
Knowledge of who has access to important data and applications with Sustainable, Compliant and efficient access process results in Controlling and Monitoring of normal and privilege accesses across systems and applications. BG Offers:
– IAM Strategy
– IAM Governance
– Integrated Workflows
– Role matrix development
– Reporting and analystics
– Privilege access management
– Access rights review automation

Information Security Reviews
Highly sensitive and confidential information demands top-notch security and is highly dependent on the potential threats it is exposed to. Our expert analysts get to the bottom of the infrastructure, networks and applications assets and assess every bit by locking it against external and internal threats.

Penetration Testing Exercises
Our technical Security Guards check all vulnerabilities that your system might be exposed to
– By running extensive tests on your system,
– Building a strong forte against potential hackers and
– Keeping them at bay by recommending and implementing prevention measures.

Data Privacy
Protect information that matters; detect leakage to ensure Regulatory and industry compliance for local business and collaborations in accordance with Globalization of data protection strategies by offering:
– Data protection strategy
– Asset management
– Host security
– Data loss protection
– Regionally driven privacy program assessment (GDPR)
– Compliance