IT and business are becoming inseparably interlinked. Our IT Consulting Services consists of skillful IT professionals who foster, stimulate and strengthen clients’ IT resources to achieve their business objectives. We, at Business Grid Private Limited, leave no stone unturned to deliver the most optimized solution for your offline problems. With the tightest security network backed with our highly knowledgeable IT strategists and planners, nothing is impossible.

Our vision to empower clients grows stronger every single day with our continuing adaptation to latest technology and improved skill set. We provide following services:

Strategic Planning of Information Systems
Using SPIS techniques, we intertwine technological needs of an organization that is perfectly synced with its professional goals. After careful consideration of the organizational and technical strategies of planning, we aspire to provide the catalysts that boost our clients to the top.

IT Policy and Procedures Development
Developing a set of rules for usage of the IT services provided by IT companies is a necessity considering the rise of cyber crimes. We develop a framework tailored for your organization to streamline and mature your processes and practices.

MIS Development
BG devises Management Information Systems that handles data processing through effective communication between the developers and users of the system. Through optimization of management planning, a strong support for decision making and action plans is provided which leads to increasing probabilities of making profitable and accurate decisions.

Software Development
We meet our client’s business needs by developing and deploying the software that brings their dreams to a reality. We enable you to acquire new or strengthen already existing automated business processes that increase your ROI. Whether you are looking for new solutions or want a check on quality assurance, we are the right people to call for.

Mobile Application Development
To reach out to the 80% of the public that uses Smartphones and tabloids to access the internet, we build mobile apps that is deeply embedded with our clients’ values and the consumers’ needs.

Website Development
“If it is not online, it does not exist.” We understand the crucial times where competitors need to make it to the top of Google Search. By acquiring our IT consulting services, your company not only thrives but gallops to the front line, hovering at the top with the best optimized website.

IT DRP development
Increasing dependency on IT these days requires a strong back up plan in case of system breakdown due to any possible circumstances. We develop contingency plans to ensure you lose nothing and are back on your feet in no time at all.

ISO Certifications – Pre and Post Audit and Preparation
Our Analysts provide pre and post analysis for acquiring ISO certifications and give a standardized checklist to attain perfection.

ITIL framework Implementation
We bring businesses into a progressive and responsive reality by eliminating flawed parts in the system and providing an action plan with a continuous improvement check. We are here to help you in implementing ITIL framework within your organization.

COBIT Implementation
Optimize your resources by improving Governance. We are here to help you in improving you IT Governance processes and practices by reviewing and implementing COBIT framework.